How it works

A pheromone (from Ancient Greek φέρω phero “to bear” and hormone, from Ancient Greek ὁρμή “impetus”) is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual.

Osmology, or the science of smell research, has determined that men and women are attr. to each other via selective chemical messengers called pheromones. These are arousal-stimulating chemicals that signal desire, readiness, hormone levels, fertility, and the deepest emotions. When released by the body, certain pheromones can work like magic to attr. members of the opposite or same sex.

Pheromones can act as powerful catalysts of attr. As humans secrete these chemicals through perspiration, they are subconsciously detected by the nose, brain, and nervous system. Only about 10 percent of men give off significant amounts of androsterone, a select pheromone that seems to give them what many call s.. appeal. These men may not even look good, yet through pheromone-release they send out powerful signals of attr.

Androsterone has been found to affect human behavior when smelled.

Men primarily release androsterone through their skin and hair. And while both men and women excrete trace amounts of it through their urine, men excrete up to four times as much as women do.

This particular pheromone, which is produced by the adrenal glands of both men and women, is also present in sweat under the armpits of both. In addition, it is present in smegma, the substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of human intimate parts.

Researchers have found that women secrete at least one other attr. pheromone. Studies of secretions of intimate parts from alluring women have demonstrated the presence of copulin, a pheromone which is mainly present in these fluids.

Copulin (from the word “copulate”) is used as a natural lubricant when aroused. Its main purpose for females is to attr. men. It has powerful effects on their physiology, including boosting men’s testosterone levels by up to 150%.

It may also block a man’s ability to judge the attr. of a woman objectively. Men judged women as far more appealing when exposed to copulins, sometimes even beating more naturally appealing women.

Not only androsterone and copulin

there is a variety of different pheromones with specific effects!

Androstadienone – The “love” pheromone. A pheromone that has been found to affect brain activity. Specifically, it has been found to activate the hypothalamus in hetero women but not in hetero men. Well known for causing feelings of affection, the “fallout” effect (causes a crush on the wearer), and a longing for the wearer’s presence. Makes women feel uplifted, comforted, contented, and protected. Also known for making the wearer appear more appealing.

Alpha androstenol – A pheromone that enhances conversations by making thoughts flow fluidly. It can increase your verbal skills and can help you become social, open, happy, and confident. Women who smell Alpha Androstenol are more likely to initiate social interaction, and are more open to being approached by males. This pheromone is known as the “friendly pheromone” for this exact reason.

Beta androstenol – A pheromone that creates a deep connection to the wearer right away. It gets people to trust you and to open up about things that they normally hide from other people. It can open the door to developing strong connections and bonds between both men and women. This pheromone can definitely improve your relationship with your significant other.
Androstenone – The most powerful “s.. attr.” pheromone we currently know of. In human males, androstenone emits signals of alpha-male like characteristics – to be the leader. Alpha-male personalities have been found to naturally produce more androstenone than other male personality types. Women see alpha-males as dominant, confident, and aggressive – highly appealing personality traits. Certain women are more susceptible to the smell of androstenone than others, which is why you often see females quite literally throwing themselves at men.

Pleasant smell of androstenone stimulates s.. activity!

Androstanone – Increases friendliness from both men and women. The wearer will get more attention from men and women, increased social closeness with others, and even a slightly enhanced sense of smell. It can enhance the effects of androstenone when used in combination.
Beta-androstanol – A fun and social pheromone. It seems to decrease anxiety, increase sociability and friendliness, and increase attr. from women. It also effects the wearer – it creates a calm, mellow, rational feeling, mood enhancement, chattiness, friendliness, and reduces social anxiety. It is also known to increase self-confidence, focus, and task orientation. It is a social pheromone with the ability to draw people towards you.

DHEA-sulfate (DHEA-S) – It is the most abundant hormone in the body, but its level decreases with ageing from 640 ug/dL (male), 380 ug/dL (female) at the age of 20–30 to around 100 ug/dL at the age of 69 and above. DHEA-S produces a unique variety of effects which tend to work even better with other pheromones. Some of the effects it is known to produce include: making you more verbally articulate, playful, and intellectual. It’s also a known “beautifier” and very attr. to younger women. You will feel energized wearing it.

DHEA – It is a steroid hormone synthesized from cholesterol and secreted by adrenal glands. Similar to DHEA-S, the average adult makes about 25 mg of DHEA per day (some more, some less), with dwindling production as we get older. Men of all ages have more DHEA than women. Natural DHEA production is at its highest in your twenties: by the time we reach seventy we only make about 20% of the DHEA we did when we were young. DHEA is a very powerful precursor to all of your major hormones – we could call it the “mother hormone” – the source that fuels the body’s metabolic pathway. DHEA as a pheromone has a myriad of effects. It can create humorous social situations, more playfulness from men and women, and generally a “pleasant” vibe. It is known for boosting your sense of well-being, and for making people feel more “in touch” with their bodies (in a physical sort of way).

Beta androsterone (epiandrosterone) – It is a pheromone known for creating a youthful, charismatic, and social vibe. It is also believed to elevate your social status and respect, but at the same time be likable and appealing for both men and women. Tests have shown the following effects: it increases attr. from women, may induce arousal, increases arousal in the wearer, puts the wearer at the center of attention, increases respect and attention from males with no apparent intimidation, mood elevation, induces tendency to interpret situations in a positive light, increases motivation and enthusiasm, increases likability.

Estratetraenol – This is a FEMALE pheromone. In small doses, it can add comfort, friendliness, and be used as a buffer for more aggressive pheromones. However, for female products containing EST, it is used to create an air of vulnerability, and inspires men to be protective, cuddlier, and more chivalrous towards them.

Pregnenolone – A pheromone known to increase mood, motivation, and brain function. Pregnenolone feels like a steroid for the brain. It makes you feel more upbeat, goofy, and sociable than usual, and people also seem to be more intrigued by your presence. It is relatively unused by pheromone vendors.
Androstenetrione – It is a popular testosterone booster and estrogen blocker also known for its beautifying effects. When you wear it, the people around you look more appealing, and the wearer seems to appear more appealing to the people around him or her. This effect has been noticed by many observers. It is also known for its “super glue” effect, where people (especially women) feel inclined to make body contact with the wearer. This is due to the affectionate feelings it tends to arouse.

UNRESISTIBLE® pheromone oil products contain different combinations of pheromones depending on the purpose of the specific product. Some pheromones are used in all of the products, but in different dosages. All of the products are very concentrated (from 50 to 80 mg of pheromones per bottle) so they should be used moderately and with caution.
UNRESISTIBLE® pheromone oils can be used with your favorite cologne or perfume.

What happens when you use pheromones?
People using pheromones have reported a wide range of benefits, including:

  • a heightened state of relaxation and ease especially in social situations
  • less anxiety
  • increased confidence
  • decrease of social butterflies
  • feeling more attr.
  • happier; more optimistic outlook
  • enhanced working relationships
  • more romantic relationships
  • empowered
  • increased sense of well-being
  • elevated mood

Both men and women who describe themselves as depressed report an overall sense of well-being, positivity, and energy when wearing pheromones.
Enhanced working relationships: A researcher of human pheromones tried them to see for himself what the results were like. “I immediately noticed that the people I work with were looking at me and smiling more than usual. I finally realized that it was me! That I was making more eye contact with them and sending a message of confidence I didn’t normally project.”

Enhanced s.. appeal: In a double-blind study testing human pheromones, 20 women received topically applied pheromones three times a week. The women receiving the pheromones reported a significantly higher rate of contact with men than the control group. A similar study conducted with men had the same results, with men receiving pheromones having more contact with women than men who received the placebo.

Safety and precautions
Pheromones are generally considered safe and have no known side effects; however, they may cause subjectively unwanted effects. For example, the use of a pheromone formula may result in the attr. of undesirable people. Thus, we suggest careful and calculated use of these compounds at all times.

To heighten the passion of the love making, pheromones may be strategically applied in erogenous zones just minutes prior to the encounter. They may also be used to build up to intercourse, in which case they should be applied an hour or two beforehand. If the desired effect is not noticed, the amount can be increased in small increments.

The scent of attr. is very real and human pheromones play a powerful role. If you want to boost your confidence and increase your attr., human pheromones might be just what you are looking for.