For men who love men

Pheromon oil with unique, high-concentration formula for maximum results.

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Powerful combination of epi-androsterone and androstanone to create the perfect “chemistry”! Combined with 4 other pheromones AND A SECRET INGREDIENT!

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Pheromone oil with a unique, high-concentration formula for maximum results. One of the strongest legally available products for attr.

“UNRESISTIBLE®” pheromone oil “men for men” contains 6 different human pheromones in high concentrations AND A SECRET INGREDIENT! It is certainly one of the strongest legally available products on the market.

Every pheromone in “UNRESISTIBLE®” products has specific characteristics that affect the behavior of the person who detects them.

For men who love men

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I’ve put it on the neck and one of the wrists and spread to the other wrist. Every time I have worn this...people have gotten me drinks and free things and are genuinely happy to see me. There was this hot looking dude that went from criticizing me to talking about sports, how he likes black people and politics. He was engaged...I was a number….. That NEVER happens to me!!!

I have two bottles, don’t use it much but it’s always there for a rainy day haha

I wore it to an event last weekend, I did notice everyone was quite friendly and a few took special interest in conversing with me. I definitely will be rebuying once this bottle is empty

I have only used the oil for ten days, but I believe that ALL men are reacting "more friendly" and open, and this gives me an extra edge. I actually am receiving so much attention now (people are hanging on my every word, wanting to just keep a conversation going, agreeing with almost every suggestion, etc...), that I am finding it difficult to "keep up"..

Worn this for 3 days. Don't think it's my imagination, but I seem to be getting noticeably more attention. I am really enjoying it.