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Read: Men to Women Success Stories
Read: Women to Men Success Stories
Read: Women to Women Success Stories
Read: Men to Men Success Stories

Men to Women

Described perfectly!

Described perfectly, great product, great price. I bought similar products from other sellers at a much higher price.


It’s very strong so don’t apply too much. I’m still trying to work out its exact impression on others but I’m fairly certain that it has a fairly strong effect.  I noticed that males in general kept their distance a little bit more and were a bit more respectful.

Maybe it’s placebo, but it works!

I don’t know whether it was a placebo effect but the girls were definitely more interested. Usually all the attention goes to my friend, who spends 2 hours a day in the gym and looks accordingly. But not this time. I must say it felt great!

5 Stars from me

Honestly never thought I’d ever write a review because I believed every word written would be by some guy paid tow write them. But this is a freakishly great stuff – the kind of stuff you don’t want anyone to know about. I’m buying again when this one’s gone.


I bought the product more out of curiosity but I was really surprised. I’m in a serious relationship for a couple of years now and sex doesn’t happen as often anymore. I’ve used it for several times without my girlfriend knowing and each time it ended with us having sex. She thinks it’s a bit strange but said it’s probably just a phase she’s going through. I just hope she won’t figure it out!

Sure way to score

I use this whenever I want a sure thing. The other night I went out with the guys and so I brought my bottle in the car. I spread a bit on each side of the neck and got to the place half hour later. I was thinking maybe it wasn’t enough but I had women all over me that night. I ended up meeting someone and going home with her. That has never happened to me.

Awesome stuff!

Not only are women more comfortable around you but that adds to the invasion of your personal space. Androstadienone is awesome stuff and with this product none of the Androstadienone side effects have been present when using it!

Love it!

This product is doing everything claimed! There was more cuddling that ultimately led to a home run! Bottom line, it simply works and works very well!

Getting another bottle!

I will not quite admit to myself, but the stuff really works! Even on evenings when I forgot that I used it, the women were dressed and quite more relaxed than usual. It was therefore not the self-confidence boost, which you might persuade, when to use it. There is no guarantee that it works, but the success of the few times where I’ve used it, has really convinced me!

Be careful…

Good stuff, maybe too strong so don’t use too much at the beginning.

Pheromones work.

I was seeing this girl for a while and we never really did anything except make out and lightly rub over certain areas. She was very good at explaining we were NOT going to have sex. The last time she did though I noticed a small bottle that said “Unresistible” on it. I asked and she explained it was a crap pheromone stuff and that it smelt different on every person.
I thought it has to smell awful and so I put some on and we laughed about the strange smell. 45 minutes later we look like we should be on the discovery channel or something.
Soon after we finished I thought to myself “there’s no way that just worked.”
It’s not men attracted to women or vice versa but pheromones work, I’m a believer.

Still can’t believe it…

I bought one of these pheromones to try out, while I didn’t notice any changes in public, When I did eventually invite this girl over to my room she started to complain about her head getting really hot, the next thing I know I’m getting a handjob. No joke I thought I was going crazy. I used this pheromone a few more times but never got quite the same effect from it.

Women to Men


This is my first experience with using pheromone products. I had such a good day wearing it. I felt sexy and sultry and I got lots of attention from guys, necks were craning to catch a gander. A few DIHLs as well. Women were quite nice, no cattiness I took note of. I applied it early in the morning and it lasted more than eight hours. All in all thanks for making it available.

Also helps with PMS!

I liked it because comparing with other copulin products available in the market its smell isn’t too overwhelming. I loved self-effects, it definitely lifts my mood and also helps me with PMS symptoms like sadness, anxiety and so on.. 🙂

Love it

Gets me lots of attention everywhere I go.


I’ve put it on a couple of times around my guy friends (with some perfume to mask the cops smell), almost immediately I hear them compliment on my perfume, and that it’s awesome to have a girl around, and the smell is so great (cops? smelling great? good thing my perfume melds nicely with them)! I feel like they give me more attention in a non-aggressive way, after all we’re all just friends and most of them have girlfriends.

Returning customer

The first bottle was a gift and I have since purchased it twice. I am not kidding when I say that the guys in my class stare at me from half-way across the room. Of course they look away when I look up, but they go right back at it again when they think I’m not looking.

Women to Women


Very gooooooood……

Awesome product!

I must say that it has worked better than the other pheromone product that I bought previously. I noticed that girls were looking at me a lot more than usual and in a pride meeting more women were sitting next to me.

Worth it!

This product is worth the money! It brings people closer to you and makes everyone feel comfortable with you. I love it!

Positive first impression 🙂

I just received this product in the mail and I still have a lot more experimentation to do. Although, I did go to the gym today after I applied some of this pheromone oil. While at the gym I noticed women looking at me and men too (probably because I’m cute! Not to sound conceited, haha). As for myself and the spray, I’m not sure if it was the product or not but I did have sort of a headache. Like I said, there is still more places I need to try this product. I have a lot of faith in it and I’m sure it will do wonders. 😉

Definitely works!

I get a lot of compliments!

Men to Men

I’m amazed!

I’ve put it on the neck and one of the wrists and spread to the other wrist. Every time I have worn this…people have gotten me drinks and free things and are genuinely happy to see me. There was this hot looking dude that went from criticizing me to talking about sports, how he likes black people and politics. He was engaged…I was engaged…got a number….. That NEVER happens to me!!!


I have two bottles, don’t use it much but it’s always there for a rainy day haha.

Love it

I wore it to an event last weekend, I did notice everyone was quite friendly and a few took special interest in conversing with me. I definitely will be rebuying once this bottle is empty.


I have only used the oil for ten days, but I believe that ALL men are reacting “more friendly” and open, and this gives me an extra edge. I actually am receiving so much attention now (people are hanging on my every word, wanting to just keep a conversation going, agreeing with almost every suggestion, etc…), that I am finding it difficult to “keep up”.

Riding the wave…

Worn this for 3 days. Don’t think it’s my imagination, but I seem to be getting noticeably more attention. I am really enjoying it.