For women who love women

Pheromon oil with unique, high-concentration formula for maximum results.

Love happens on a subcounscious level

They won't be able to resist you!

Become Unresistible®


A combination of copuline and alpha-androstenol for irresistible attraction! Combined with 3 other pheromones AND A SECRET INGREDIENT!

Watch how it works

Developed specially for you!

Pheromone oil with a unique, high-concentration formula for maximum results. One of the strongest legally available products for attr.

“UNRESISTIBLE® pheromone oil “women for women” contains 5 different human pheromones in high concentrations AND A SECRET INGREDIENT! It is certainly one of the strongest legally available products on the market.

Every pheromone in “UNRESISTIBLE®” products has specific characteristics that affect the behavior of the person who detects them.

For women who love women!

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Very gooooooood……

I must say that it has worked better than the other pheromone product that I bought previously. I noticed that girls were looking at me a lot more than usual and in a pride meeting more women were sitting next to me. Awesome product.

This product is worth the money! It brings people closer to you and makes everyone feel comfortable with you. I love it!

I just received this product in the mail and I still have a lot more experimentation to do. Although, I did go to the gym today after I applied some of this pheromone oil. While at the gym I noticed women looking at me and men too (probably because I'm cute! Not to sound conceited, haha). As for myself and the spray, I'm not sure if it was the product or not but I did have sort of a headache. Like I said, there is still more places I need to try this product. I have a lot of faith in it and I'm sure it will do wonders. 😉

I get a lot of compliments! Definitely works!